Plentyoffish dating sign up

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Plentyoffish dating sign up

The site and app itself times out on my phone way faster than it really should which made registering a pain.

Overall pretty positive experience with Plenty Of Fish.

I've had much better luck on Eharmony and that's where I'm going back. I usually have common matches on this site more than other platforms. I also like that I could put what my personality is. I meet a guy that only had old pictures of himself on his profile. Now, I don't have a problem with middle aged ** men, they are not my type at all. My overall experience with POF has been completely terrible, most guys just want to hook up, and even when I find someone who can possibly be my good match, he completely ghosts me.

When I went to meet him he looked like he was way older than those pictures. If I wanted a sugar daddy, then I would go to a sugar daddy website. I've been on this site for over a year and have found NO ONE. Also, I dislike that the guys just want to meet and get some from you, the fact you have to pay REAL LIFE MONEY just to be noticed more by potential suitors, when all those suitors is just wanting one thing in general.

It makes it easier to have conversations or at the very least conversation starters.

Also I like that you can see so much information about somebody and review them before you send them a message.

Plenty of Fakes: This site was not worth my money, so many women were scam artists, met one who begged for pictures, then complained! However, I dislike the overly long application process and how many fake accounts there are.

Despite not having as many fake accounts as other dating sites it still has quite a few and I do believe that issue can be fixed.

Lastly, I dislike the errors they have or when the site messes up, they really need to fix their things.

E., "Thank you for contacting us", "your feedback is important", etc.

), But they will not assist you in any way with actual problems.

After buying a membership and realizing that all the emails from POF had links which when clicked on lead to nothing, I emailed and asked for a refund. During this phase it tells you that your profile is on fire. It looked smooth and I was able to navigate it easily. Profile customization wasn’t that very good at all but it was good in some areas. However, there wasn’t a mobile app for my device so I never really used it. The main thing I dislike is the no app for Amazon as that’s a real let down. But for some the name including fish is offputting. The profile customization is good, could be better. And all there is, is criminals like ex-cons on that site. I would like dating sites that filter out sexual content because thats just not what Im looking for when Im looking for a date with someone. It wasnt that great of an experience for me as a person. Definitely will not give it another go in this lifetime.

After the couple of hours are over, no more communication and the profile pics change. I like the variety of people and the overall ease of it. POF is very particular in question and very easy to customize. The questions are in depth and meaningful when it comes to find someone you are compatible with. While POF is ok, I like being able to block unwanted people. Other things I like are based on people using the app and less about the app itself. I know personally that there are a lot of ex-cons cause when I would talk on the phone each guy would say he just got out of jail. There was nothing wrong with but, most of the men on there were middle aged ** men.

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couldn't sign on, using correct name and password, but they kept saying wrong password or user name.

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