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In 2007, she and her artist husband Jeremy Boyle (whose program to make elementary-school-age children comfortable with electric circuitry is profiled here) were living in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he had a faculty appointment at a nearby university.

When it was time to leave there, they knew they would need to find a city that offered both affordable living space and affordable studio space.

Thompson’s case in a nutshell: He writes about a study that looks into which cities in the United States still offer some opportunity to pursue the American Dream—those having a magical combination of social mobility and affordability.

And, Doyle noted, the city has a new mayor committed to making the city more walkable and bikeable.And here's a comment that struck me, in part because it's so in synch with the point Andrews and Bricker emphasized: “If you have a passion you want to pursue, it’s easy to do it here.” As we’ll see, that’s something I heard frequently.Wendy Downs is the founder of Moop, a handmade bag company that I profiled here recently.Doyle and I knew each other through social networks only, so when I was in Pittsburgh in September I asked him to meet me for a beer.We met up at the Industry Public House, a trendy bar/restaurant on Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. She also works as a freelancer (she’s a classical musician and a journalist.) But they found they didn’t like Boston (it “felt aloof and pricey”), they had no ties there, and its only redeeming feature was that it’s “close to laid-back Maine.”So, they decided to leave Boston. To answer that question, they went on a long road trip across the United States to try to figure out what city they wanted to live in next.

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Doyle described their journey in an engaging piece he wrote for magazine. They liked it: “The city was clean, friendly, and full of a surprising amount of history.