Patron saint for dating couples

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Besides, this patron of many causes is also the patron of distillers. If a hot toddy helped grandma, a hot toddy with St. She is the Blessed Mother’s mama, which kind of makes her our grandma. Tags: favorite saints Flu Season in sickness and health learning about the saints Lives of the Saints patron saints Saint Luke saints sickness St. He was known for helping the poor and sick (his name means “good man” in Latin), and I’m sure he’d be happy to intercede for you, too.This patron saint of pharmacists does not mess around! John the Evangelist) were called “sons of thunder” by Jesus for their zesty discipleship.If you just can’t shake the flu, it’s time to start a novena to this saint of the impossible. She's certain that Hobbits have the best philosophy on food, and she's not ashamed to step into old wardrobes in hopes of finding Narnia.Father Christmas is sure to make things better, even if only to bring some cheer your way while you’re accumulating tissues like a squirrel storing nuts. Whatever the specifics, the two were in a relationship that produced an heir, Constantine, around the year 272 CE.

One man, who attempted to stab the king, took refuge in a church and Guntramnus let him go free.Here are the ten best saints to help you survive: This mighty archangel’s name comes from the Hebrew for “God heals.” Added to this gift of healing, he is also known for giving guidance, which can come in handy when trying to avoid flu-infested venues.He’s the patron saint of clothmakers, and who doesn’t appreciate a cozy blanket and fluffy socks during flu season?He was the first apostle to be martyred (which is why he is “the Greater”), and his prayers are sure to assist you through the medicine aisle. Paul in his suffering, so we can presume he had a good bedside manner.He is an author of scripture, and more importantly for you, he was St. If the flu bug gets you despite all your prayers, ask him to help your doctor help you. When you’re coughing and sneezing and your throat’s on fire, you need soup and you need St. Her cooking was good enough for Jesus (the ladle is one of her symbols), and she witnessed the raising of her brother Lazarus.

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Books, magazines, and internet articles are essential for combating the flu, and this saint is the one who rocks the writing world! He’s the patron of bakers and confectioners, and a pastry here and there is a necessary salve for healing. There’s a reason one of the best children’s hospitals in the world is named for this miraculous saint! She also enjoys going to parks and museums with her five children, meeting friends for a good chinwag, and reading stacks of books on the back porch with a large pot of tea.