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They have almost had free rein as a result to control and have presence in whatever they want in the country, including Yemen’s ports, which is a prize for them,” said Farea al-Muslimi, a non-resident fellow at Chatham House in London.

After three years of war, the fractured Yemeni state is now a free for all.

“There are no Houthis to free Socotra from,” said local Abdul Wahab Al Ameri. ” The green of the Emirati flag has sprung up in several villages, on official buildings and painted on the sides of mountains, along with messages thanking Mohammad bin Zayed for his generosity.

Several ancient texts believe Socotra is the original location of the Garden of Eden: its name comes from the Sanskrit for “paradise”.As with almost all news in Yemen, disinformation and rumour are rife, but both the exiled Yemeni government in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi officials have repeatedly refused to confirm or deny the reports. Two boats of the stimulant leaves usually arrive from the mainland each week.In October the Emiratis seized the cargo of one such shipment, dumped it on the road between the port and the main village of Hadibo and started building a bonfire.There are few TVs and wifi only occasionally works well enough to deliver Whats App messages.Effectively abandoned by the Yemeni authorities and destitute after two ferocious and unprecedented cyclones ripped across the archipelago in November 2015, locals turned to the UAE’s offer to help rebuild schools, hospitals and roads.

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As such, it combines the UAE’s military and economic interests.