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Even though they’ve lost loved ones, these characters still clearly have something to fight for.

The genealogy of the kings of England after the Norman Conquest of 1066 is so well known that it needs little introduction.

That will help us compare and contrast the foreign culture to our own and we will probably empathize with an alien struggling to fit in.

For example, would an alien know how to use a doorknob? I think readers would sympathize with anyone who struggled with something like that. Don’t make your hero a Chosen One– give him a chance to prove himself.

Characters generally make their strongest impressions on us as they fight through adversity.

But if your character was born into a highly powerful caste or inherits some great power, that robs readers of the chance to see him prove himself.

Notable among these are:(Chteau de Falaise, Normandy [1027/28]-Rouen, Prior de Saint-Gervais , bur Caen, Abb de Saint-Etienne). Willelmum filium suum was born apud Falesiam Deville suggests that Guillaumes birthdate can be fixed more precisely to [mid-1027], taking into account that his father Robert occupied Falaise immediately after the death of his father Duke Richard II (), not wishing to accept the authority of his older brother Duke Richard III, but that Roberts stay was short as the two brothers were reconciled soon after, it being reasonable to suppose that Roberts relationship with Guillaumes mother occurred soon after his arrival at Falaise It appears that Edward "the Confessor" King of England acknowledged Guillaume as successor to the English throne on several occasions, maybe for the first time during his visit to England in 1051 which is recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.Instead of making him an object of unbridled admiration, like Eragon, may he has to overcome widespread doubt and/or contempt. It may be useful to tie your character’s origin story to the villain’s plot.Ideally, your hero will have Spiderman has an origin story that builds a tight plot.Peter Parker’s morals center on several ideas: “with great power comes great responsibility” and that revenge is rarely satisfying– his attempt to get back at a wrestling boss gets his uncle killed.In contrast, Osborn believes that power and come hand in hand, which is why he kills his business competitors. blue-collar aspect to the fight, which is especially compelling because the series doesn’t romanticize poverty too much.

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Spiderman gets his superpowers through a scientific accident, like his archrival Norman Osborn.

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