Office dating tips

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Office dating tips

If you’ve ever had a crush on a coworker, you’re familiar with the fantasy: Eyeing each other in meetings leads to ... If you have flouted the rules, you’d be in crowded company: One-half of all workers — and 53 percent of HR professionals! “Plus, you’re more attracted to someone when the stakes are higher.” As in, your colleagues might find out or (gulp) you get caught violating your company’s fraternizing policy.It goes without saying that office romances won’t always work out.

If you do meet the love of your life in the office you’ll face the same issues as every other couple – finding time for your relationship, succeeding as a power couple, or making nice with the in-laws – but at least you’ll know your commitment to the job has paid off in more ways than one!If any kind of office romance is off-limits and you’re not willing to jeopardize your job (or resort to finding a new one), stick with pure fantasy.But you can go for it if you’re within the bounds of company policy or there’s nothing in writing.And one out of five people who gave romance with a co-worker a shot ended up marrying their colleague”. Dating your boss might not only be frowned upon by your employer but is unlikely to win you any friends in the office.It could also limit your career progression within the organisation. Dating at the office can also be tricky if you and that special colleague are working closely together.

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If you’ve decided it’s worth finding out if Mr Right is sitting in the office down the corridor, here are five ground rules to keep your career intact.