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Not as much as their honeymoon when they screwed almost non-stop for three days, but not far off. Tell me your cunt wants to be fucked hard...""Yes, fuck me hard... ""Watching you screw or suck another guy.""Well, I hope it's just a fantasy," Kim replied, "Why would you like seeing me violate our marriage vows, for heaven's sake?Kim has a great personality, very sociable with nary a harsh word toward anything and is a real pleasure to be around. Make me feel it," she murmured, knowing it was what he wanted to hear. "Brian answered, "Well, to be picky, the vows don't actually say anything about screwing, just cherish and obey and stuff. Kinda like Michael Jordon: it's best to play hoops with him, but he's so good it's super to just sit and watch him play."Kim had the last word, "Sounds silly to me." But a flash of naughtiness went through her mind, and for a brief moment seemed more exciting than silly. Brian slept with a smile, thinking he had successfully planted the seed for his long held fantasy.***A couple of years back Brian got some camera equipment and had Kim pose for pictures, many quite pornographic. Brian screwed her like a John Deere piston and with a bellow shot his wad deep as she came the 4th time. "Now close your eyes and imagine that it's Tom Cruise's dick in your mouth. Wrap your lips around my dick." She stuck it back in her mouth.This great music's playin' and you rudely haven't asked your bride to dance."Brian sauntered over to Kim and asked her to dance.She gave him a brief half smile, put her left arm around his shoulder and her right hand in his, and they started to slow dance.Kim gave Brian a look of apprehension but he paid her no mind.Soon Larry and Kim were dancing in one spot swaying to and fro allowing Larry to get a little rubbing action with his bulge. He kept his hand on Kim's back but pulled her hard into his chest compressing her tits and moved her hands behind his neck.

Or as a last resort I can just overpower you, ya know.""You're a pervert," she replied as a hot flash quietly wafted over her.Brian answered, "Maybe it is a little perverted but there's nothing wrong with it.No, it might be some time off, but you're going to do it, and I'll wager that you get to likin' the idea."***A month later Terry and Larry, two of Brian's buddies, stopped over to watch a basketball game together.One night Brian was giving Kim a slow easy screwing. Brian asked, "Ya know what I really like about watching our videos? ""It lets me experience part of my favorite fantasy.He wanted it to last and was able to control himself. I can sit here with you watching us screw and then imagine that it isn't me, it's some other guy screwin' ya.

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Larry and Terry sat and not subtly stared at Kim's tits as she danced quietly in a slow circle with her husband. Kim looked at Brian a little askance but politely danced with Larry.

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