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However, the first two systems were ruled out because of technical problems, and, rather than simply awarding the contract to Translohr, local planners decided to re-open bidding and to include the option of a standard steel-wheel tramway. On 11 March 2005, reports Jon Winslow, the system celebrated the grand opening of its 0.6-mile (1-km) extension to River Place, including 4 additional stops.Jon notes that this extension represents "the first time the streetcars run both directions on the same street." The roughly half-mile extension stretches the total route length to three miles (4.8 km) long, with 44 stops, and allows the streetcars to travel all the way from Portland State University (the previous terminus) to River Place.As we point out in our article Denver Data Show Light Rail's Real impact on Mobility Congestion, it's a widespread fallacy and misconception "That any single transportation facility, roadway or transit, can ever truly 'reduce' congestion.

it's perhaps the lone country on earth with a history of actually constructing, operating, and then The French city of Orléans, which already operates an 18-km (11-mile) light rail tramway, routed generally north-south, has apparently decided that its second, east-west, line will be "a true tram on rails", rather than a rubber-tired "guided busway" ("BRT" or so-called ), reports French light rail and public transport activist Jean Claude Vaudois in postings to several online tramway and light rail discussion lists.

The decision by the Urban Community of Orléans was reportedly taken March 25th.

Located 125 km (about 80 miles) south of Paris, on the River Loire, Orléans has been operating its first light rail tramway (Tram Line 1) since November 2000 under the aegis of the Société d’Economie Mixte des Transports en commun de l’Agglomération Orléanaise.

in what the Associated Press described as "the most visible sign so far that light-rail construction has begun", on March 7th construction crews began removing a median on Washington Street in Tempe, where the LRT tracks will be inserted.

"Yesterday's work is the first on-street project other than utility relocation", notes the AP.

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