My friend dating my ex girlfriend

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My friend dating my ex girlfriend

I did some questionable things following a break-up with the first boy I ever loved.I drank too much, slept too little, and consorted with all the wrong rebound boys.The first step to any new friendship is going to be making sure you're straightforward about wanting to stay friends. d breakup line, and most of the time people will probably think you don't mean it. You have to show them that you're willing to invest in the relationship, even if you're not scoring. You can't stay friends with someone if you fuck them every other weekend. It can be tempting to relapse if you're going through a dry spell, but the move from steady dating to friends with benefits always ends in heartbreak for one of the parties. Just because you're feeling okay about the breakup doesn't mean that they are.Maybe they want to be friends, but being around you is too hard for now, because you're a sexy MOFO.Desire/intrigue At first, you thought you were just going to shamelessly use your ex for sex, but then you notice they look good. They know exactly what makes you tingle and they exploit it.They turn on a sex playlist and you realize you still like their taste in music. Then they make that face you hate right before they come and you remember.Before I knew it, I was making out with my best friend's ex; he was the first boy she had ever loved and will probably always love.Every girl knows that the first rule of girl code is ex-boyfriends are OFF LIMITS, and being drunk is no excuse. I don't know if I did it because I was sad about my own breakup or resentful that my friend was currently in a relationship of her own, but regardless I instantly knew I fucked up big time. Being drunk didn't help, as I stumbled up the stairs and jumbled my words.

I was dressed as a slutty cat, and I was on the prowl.

Unless for some odd reason your bestie is 100 percent OK with it, even considering her ex automatically qualifies you as a bad friend. I love my friends, but sharing the same sex partner as them just doesn't strike me as a turn on. You've heard every terrible thing that they did to your best friend.

That goes without saying, but since some seem to forget this, it bears repeating.

Five years down the road, if you're still single and interested in her leftovers, then perhaps you both can consider it. You've been compared to your best friend your whole life, do you really want to add your role in bed to that list? I'm just curious what makes you think that they will treat you any differently?

If he cheated on her, he'll cheat on you, regardless of how perfect you think you'll be for him.4. Just because your best friend wants the best for you doesn't mean she wants you to date her ex-boyfriend.

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I would literally take a bullet for anyone of them, which makes what I did even worse.