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Man to man spanking chat

To wrap up the year, the boss gives them a good, sound spanking.Rookie Teacher Caught Peeping and Spanked Noa the rookie teacher finds a bad student, who always make fun of Noa, getting spanked by the homeroom teacher.In school, in universities, even at the workplace during apprenticeship, and of course most frequently, applied at home. However it was the landlady's mistake as the rent has already been paid.Finally the landlady has to pay the price with her sore bottom.Standing in the Hallway Two students, first Ayaka and then Satomi, are spanked and forced to stand in the hallway while holding two water-filled buckets.Later on, though, their teacher Erica receives the same punishment from her principal for her own transgressions.

It becomes much more difficult and painful when they grow older, when dreaded implements like the strap, the wooden paddle and most of all the cane are the only reasonable response to misbehavior and disrespect, sometimes even on a daily basis if required.Awakening of a timid mother A timid mother, who has a difficult daughter, looks to a babysitter for guidance.Afterwards, the mother deals with her daughter with firm attitude and gives her a lesson she won't ever forget.Back to Classroom Memories Rina returns to her alma mater as a teacher.She sits at the desk in the classroom and remembers her old days - she received a severe thrashing on her pretty bottom from her old teacher.

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  1. A home address Zeiger shared with the chat group matches the corporate listing for GSC Gestion, a consulting firm whose owner and sole employee is Sohier Chaput.