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A party acting in error and invoking that error to repudiate a contract is liable for any loss or damage arising from the nullity of the agreement where the error is attributable to his own negligence, unless the other party knew or should have known of the error.2 In the interests of equity, the court may award further damages to the injured party.5.Incorrect intermediation Where an offer to enter into a contract or the acceptance of that offer has been incorrectly communicated by a messenger or other intermediary, the provisions governing error apply mutatis mutandis.A Sacramento County Sheriff's K-9 dog is recovering after being stabbed multiple times Saturday during a pursuit with a suspect in Carmichael, according to the Sheriff's Department.Jedi, a 3-year-old German Shepherd, successfully underwent surgery Saturday afternoon and is expected to recover from the attack.Where the represented party has expressly or de facto announced the authority he has conferred, he may not invoke its total or partial revocation against a third party acting in good faith unless he has likewise announced such revocation.

The validity of a contract is not subject to compliance with any particular form unless a particular form is prescribed by law.2 In the absence of any provision to the contrary on the significance and effect of formal requirements prescribed by law, the contract is valid only if such requirements are satisfied. Inserted by Annex No 2 to the FA of on Electronic Signatures (AS 2004 5085; BBl 2001 5679).Where the duress originates from a third party and the other party neither knew nor should have known of it, a party under duress who wishes to be released from the contract must pay compensation to the other party where equity so requires.A party is under duress if, in the circumstances, he has good cause to believe that there is imminent and substantial risk to his own life, limb, reputation or property or to those of a person close to him.2 The fear that another person might enforce a legitimate claim is taken into consideration only where the straitened circumstances of the party under duress have been exploited in order to extort excessive benefits from him.The assailant was identified as Jackie Burke, 41, of West Sacramento.The Sheriff's Department said in a press release that it pursued Burke because of a tip from a state parole officer about a domestic violence incident.

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Where a principal grants such authority to a third party and informs the latter thereof, the scope of the authority conferred on the third party is determined according to wording of the communication made to him.