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As an online tool, it meets customers in the very place they increasingly turn for answers: the internet.And unlike other channels such as email, live chat provides instant support, with minimal customer effort required.There are cases in which the convenience and immediacy of live chat make it the preferred channel, even when the target demographic has a general preference for phone.Patrick Freuler, founder of online hearing aid vendor Audicus, explains that his customers do make regular use of live chat.However, making the decision to offer live chat does require effort on behalf of a business.Like implementing a new customer service platform, opening a new service channel requires significant investments of time and money—the return on which can be difficult to predict for small to midsize businesses (SMBs).I don’t believe that there has been too much of a learning curve for our audience to use live chat.We’ve been pleased with the number of individuals who reach out to us through live chat on a daily basis.” In our discussions, we also found that, while customer age is an important factor, it is not the only one.

The most effective customer service is designed to reduce effort at all stages of the customer journey—not just after a sale or when problems arise.However, if a customer wants to see additional photos and/or video of a particular item, of course, that assistance must be provided via email.” ZCO Corporation, a mobile application development company, explains that “the most common [live chat] questions are around pricing and process.For example, how much would this app idea cost; what would the design process be like?Connect instantly and video chat with girls and/or guys from around the globe.Features-------------------- One button press to meet new people through random video match. Just press Next- Join anonymous chat rooms, or live public broadcast rooms and get in on the party.

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To provide this kind of service, however, companies must not only understand the questions customers have at each stage, but be there to offer answers.

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