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Lifter dating ru

However, I am more impressed when writers take a premise that is so simple and manage to effortlessly develop it into a story with substance that is able to attract the full attention and pique the interest of its viewers without any gimmicks.Wfkbj was able to achieve that with just capitalizing on the purity and nostalgia of first loves, first heartbreaks, and heartwarming milestones spent with family and best friends, all relayed through honest storytelling without any air of pretension.I also love Bok Joo’s family and how supportive they are. ❤️ Story/Plot - 7/10; Characters - 11/10; Acting - 10/10; Music - 8/10; Overall entertainment = 12/10!\(^o^)/ This is a romantic comedy so story-wise, don't expect anything profound.I've watched a lot of Kdramas and I can say that I still have'nt moved on with this one. ilove all the casts here I respect the opinions of those who think this drama is not good. This just goes to show that you could take a story so simple, realistic, and honest then turn it into a quality drama which is entertaining and full of lessons at the same time. ❤️ Best drama ever for me,it's realistic,simple and memorable.. It tells you a story about a young adult's life as it truly is. Can’t stand the character of Kim Bok Joo in this movie.I am so hooked with this drama that I always watch 2-4 episodes a day just because I miss them. it's driving me crazy like "urgh" i won't forget this anymore? i will missed all the episodes especially the funny moments? But saying that this is the only Kdrama we've watched that's why we think it's one of the best? No faux symbolisms and no unecessary twists just to assert that it's a "fresh" concept. and the ending..i was alternately crying and giggling. Unsure if the director says “act cute” and “act dumb” but there were too much lip pouting & eye blinking. I actually mistook Kim Bok Joo for suffering from mild mental retardation in the first few episodes.Having said that, I really enjoyed this series : D I've been watching kdramas for more than a decade, and as others have commented, this series is very refreshing. Enough romance and drama to keep you well-entertained but not enough to make you cringe, or stressed out : D If you want to watch something light and fun, then I highly recommend this drama.I also love how they touched issues like psychotherapy, eating disorders, parenthood, etc.

It is very relatable for a lot of people, such as having a crush, going through puberty stage, or finding your first love. And do watch it for the amazing leads and their relations with the supporting cast.Unlike other dramas that are so hung up on trying to be "unique" and "deep" that the writers resort to faux symbolisms in the hopes of bringing more depth, meaning, and value to the story.They do it by putting a lot of twists and variables, which already borders to being unecessary at times, imo.Later, Kim Bok-Joo cleans and irons the handkerchief. I really recommended this drama if you wanna have a light plot story.She goes to the school's swimming pool and gives back his handkerchief, but he explodes with anger when he sees that she cleaned it. I first started watching this show in 2016 but I took a big break and did not finish it until today. Yes, it doesn’t have great plot twists or whatever but that’s what makes it different from other kdramas.

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