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Leo star sign compatibility chart for dating

They know right away if your relationship won't last, even if they continue to see you.

Scorpios are only like this because they want to make sure that their relationships are rewarding and they want to protect their self-respect.

If these Scorpionic traits are allowed to go to the extreme to many times, it can bring many upsets and sadness.

Sometimes trouble comes to Scorpio/Taurus because other people misinterpret what they say or do.

Taurus rising escalates the emotional side of Scorpio.

Scorpio sign and Gemini also share is the capability to turn the tables on their opponent, although they have different methods of doing that.

In dating situations, Scorpio/Aries will seem reticent, it is hard to get them into a relationship with you. If you're ever wondering why a romance with Scorpio isn't going smoothly, it's because Scorpio has picked up that you can't be a good match for them, nor them for you.

They picked that up on the first date; Scorpios have perfectly clear sight when it comes to love.

Only thing that matches between them is their extreme jealous and possessiveness natures.

Scorpio/Taurus's traits will be most apparent when it comes to their material and sexual needs.

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You shouldn't let problems with jealousy (yours or your partners) take hold in your love affairs.

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