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“I had to deal with sexual harassment from my classmates and from other people in society on a daily basis, from everyone that thought that [I] was a girlish boy, a sissy boy,” she says.

“My life as a teenager was total hell.” Despite the official policy about trans individuals, trans issues are not openly discussed in Iran.

They said things like “you will die if you undergo [sex reassignment surgery],” or “many girls who wanted to become boys died during the surgery” All of them treated me like I was delusional….

If an Iranian is officially diagnosed with gender identity disorder, the government issues the authorization for them to legally start the sex reassignment process, and at the end of that process the court issues a new identity card, with a new gender listed.

In other words, while Iran does not mandate that all trans individuals have the surgery, it is not possible to change your gender marker on official documents without undergoing the surgery.

They would tell me: “It’s not possible, you were born like this.” But I knew I had to do this operation and change my sex.

I was convinced there was a way and I was just looking for some kind of confirmation, from someone, who would tell me “yes, it’s possible!

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Officially, an Iranian can be diagnosed as having gender identity disorder only after a complex series of medical tests and legal procedures including obtaining a court order, multiple visits to a psychiatrist, and physical and psychological examinations at the state’s Legal Medicine Organization.

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