Intimidating eye black

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Intimidating eye black

“That’s going to be problematic for some.”Know that old “first impressions” saying? Are they clean, or do they let grease smudge their lenses?When you see a wearer of glasses walk into a room, superficial judgments begin formulating. Whatever communication takes place is filtered through these impressions. If you believe people with glasses are more intelligent—numerous studies back up that people believe in this stereotype—you may also think that person is more trustworthy.This belief among certain fanciers comes from observing the irises of nocturnal predators.And at first glance, this seems to have the ring of truth: The majority of nighttime hunters in the animal kingdom have clear irises.However, ask a dog with light irises to work in strong sunlight, and I’ll tell you how well he sees. Cane Corso standards are very clear about eye color: Basically, the darker, the better.The FCI standard asks for an dog's iris is to be "as dark as possible but according to the coat colour," acknowledging that dilute colors are genetically incapable of having a dark eye.And while those gut-checks are surface level, there are also more deep-seated evaluations occurring. But, if the frames are obstructing their eyes in an overt way, that may morph into distrust.“Glasses cover not just the eyes themselves, but the surrounding tissues, the cheekbones, the frown lines,” Handley says.

It is the structure and shape of the eyes that “specialize” them for keen sight in the absence of light – not the color of the iris.

We see this same “economy of color” in the coat colors in prey animals that live in ecosystems with specific predators.

Have you ever wondered why brown and gray seem to be the predominate shades of herbivores in the woods?

The American Kennel Club standard is even more specific, explaining that dogs with black muzzles (that is, with coats that are black, fawn or red) ideally should have dark-brown eyes, and dogs with gray muzzles (basically, the grays and the dilutes of fawn or red) can have lighter shades.

That applies whether the brindle pattern is present or not.

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And unless one’s situation is particularly dire, no one really has to wear glasses anymore; alternatives like contacts and LASIK are there for the choosing.