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Internet dating kat williams review

Suffice to say that the insights in the thought bubbles are actually not all that insightful and sometimes downright idiotic.

) – Having his cousin Trey send his hot, busty lady friend to his place of work while Mickey is out getting molested by a fat lady who can’t stop eating, thus flabbergasting his fellow employees – After his cousin Trey finds out that Mickey acted offensively in front of the fat lady who happens to be his employee, he sends ANOTHER woman to act like a crackwhore at his place of work – He also sends an extremely irate, sassy employee of his named Too Sweet to go fuck with the employees (it must be noted that despite being the lead, Williams is practically never around to get fucked with) and eventually punch one of the dopey employees out with boxing gloves – Pretending to be six-foot-seven and white for a woman who pretends to be blonde and big-bootied when in fact she’s brunette and regular-bootied!Any and all logos are explicitly blurred out (Williams even sports a Lakers jersey that has to be blurred out, showcasing the care and thoughtful planning that has gone into this film) and every sign is digitally added.The contrast between Master P’s image as a high-rolling mogul and the rock-bottom, public access look of the film couldn’t be higher.Apparently the best way this is to let Williams riff on the various fields in which he must enter information, something that Williams seems all too comfortable doing.In fact, riffing seems to be the film’s bread and butter as these online scenes pepper the film and drag an already torturous movie to a grinding halt.

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I’m going to take this opportunity to discuss something that I suppose is an innovation that is all Master P’s because I’ve never seen it in a feature film before: thought bubbles. You know those chintzy shows like Elimidate (the production values of which this seems to mirror, but more on that later) where thought bubbles periodically pop up to helpfully point out what characters are thinking?

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