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They rode OK in a head sea if it wasn't especially rough.

They were awful in beam and quarter or drifting on station. The 311's had twice as many WTD's as the 327's and the combings were higher (knee knockers) They were noisy and always smelled of Deisel Fuel inside and out. There are some guys out there who can tell a lot more about the Lake class than I can.

While aircraft incidents were less common they were perhaps the most dramatic.

Using the BIBB and some of the other Boston Cutters as an example, a crew could expect to "maintain" between four and seven Ocean Stations a year.

It is a far cry from the major Coast Guard sea going activities of today.

I know they served their crews well and also survived a bit longer than the original builders would have imagined. John's the troops were always advised to find them one of the really plump gals and stay away from the skinny ones.

So are there any folks out there with some O/S stories or "liberty port" stories. Every once in a while I will pick up a book about those Ocean Stations. I wish the CG still had those ships or built the new ones like them. The reason for the plump ones was you knew they didn't have TB.

I recently was lurking through the Point-Counterpoint discussion board on Fred's Place and saw a topic with 176 entries.

Having made many weather patrols during my 27 year Coast Guard career, it piqued my interest.

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