Identify dating scam sites dating agencies in melbourne

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Identify dating scam sites

There is an unknown white label dating or pornography company that operates the sites.They have high-risk privacy policies that state you have no privacy and they will share your personal and financial information. This article Date Verification Scam provides: This information is free and there is no sign-up required.- Checkout the email address, if it's a yahoo or a Gmail address. - Read the email and be alert as mostly all scams refer to you as customer and rarely use your name. - If there is a request, where you should send insurance money for your winning via Western Union, and then watch out because Western Union cannot be tracked and you don't know who picks up the money once it is sent.These emails are automatically generated and a tell tale sign of a scam. - If you are work at home mum or a retired senior citizen, watch out as scam artists target work at home moms and retired senior citizens as they are more gullible.

There are a lot of adult dating sites that don't have a lot of users, or use sneaky marketing tactics like the bait and switch you're referring to.

Therefore, never fall for an impressive website, read the content first. Scammers use capital and simple letters in their emails and their spellings are always incorrect.

- Scammers usually on the dating sites ask a lot of personal information.

- Stay away from most of the unknown dating websites.

There are very emotional emails sent out with the intention of appropriating money. They do not make mistakes and everything is planned very well.

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If it's not already there them firstly check with the online scam list.