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It starts with funded learning and specialist training, both at sea and on-shore.

Along the way you'll work with cutting-edge technologies, developing a raft of practical and technical skills.

Merchant Navy training blends hands-on learning on board a shipping industry vessel, and university- or college-based study.

With course fees and living costs covered by your sponsor.

Anyone who already holds a Tier 1 (general) or the previous highly skilled migrant programme visa (HSMP) is able to extend their stay based on the rules and criteria that were in place at the time they were first granted leave to remain in this category.

A points-based system is the UK's immigration system for managing applications by individuals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland wishing to work, train or study in the UK.

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The number of points required varies for each tier but reflect the applicants' qualifications, experience, age, previous earnings and language competence.

This tier is now closed to all new applicants applying from outside the UK.

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