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While it may take a while for karma to act out, the fact is that it will happen eventually.By trying to curb your naturally intimidating nature, you’re kowtowing to a bunch of losers who deserve to be outed as jerks.Strong or "intimidating" personality types have a specific view about the world.Oftentimes, the hardship or obstacles that one has had to overcome has shaped their personality and character.Here are five ways to tell if you have an intimidating personality: Intellectual conversation can be hard to come by, but strong personality types prefer it to the mundane banter that most people turn to in social settings.They welcome people who are intellectually curious, wishing to discuss anything worthwhile.When you’re walking alone in night in a strange city, this can be your saving grace.

In my opinion, there is nothing more challenging and heartbreaking than having to end the connection and distance yourself from a loved one.

Sometimes they come off as rude or crass, but really it's just their independent ideology and mindset that rubs people the wrong way from time to time.

Many of us do not figure out exactly how strong we are until we're in a situation that leaves us with no other choice but to be strong.

A strong, or "intimidating" personality type, can mean something different for everyone.

But there are a few traits and characteristics that seem to be inherent in all of them.

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Anyone who’s ever met me can tell you that I tend to have a pretty intimidating aura about me.

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