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DOCUMENT RESUME ED 363 546 SO 023 401 AUTHOR TITLE REPORT NO PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE JOURNAL CIT Harris, Laurie Lanzen, Ed* Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers, 1992-1993* ISSN-1058-2347 92 961p.; Volume 1, Number 1 , previously entered as ED 351 257. , Penobscot Building, Detroit, MI 48226 ( per year, 3-4 issues).

Collected Works - Serials (022) — Reference Materials - General (130) Biography Today; vl-2 1992-1993 EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS IDENTIFIERS MF07/PC39 Plus Postage.

Biographies; *Childrens Literature; ^Current Events: Elementary Secondary Education; ^Popular Culture; Reading Materials; ^Social Studies; *Youth ^Celebrities ABSTRACT This publication presents biographical profiles of people of interest to young readers.

The concept is unique in that the subjects profiled are not necessarily people of great or lasting stature.

Over time, though, his father lost his k 33 44 BIOGRAPHY TODAY • JANUARY 1992 34 job, started to drink, and spent more and more time away from home. In addition, James died of rheumatic fever when Bill was eight.Many are noted writers or public figures who have made important contributions to the current world, but a goodly number of entries are biographies of modern sports heroes and entertainment personalities.These have been included in direct response to the interests of the young.She listened to his funny stories, laughed at his jokes, and encouraged him to learn.EDUCATION As a youth, Cosby attended Wister Elementary School, Fitz-Simons Junior High, and Central High School. He was more interested in clowning around than studying or listening in class. Telling funny stories became, for me, a way of making friends." He fondly recalls one early teacher, Mary Fbrchic Nagle, who encouraged this need to perform by casting him in several school plays.

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To provide easy access to entries, each issue contains a name index, a general index covering occupations, organizations, and ethnic and minority origins, a places of birth index, and a birthday index. The one element we have kept in mind in launching this publication is that youthful readers have youthful interests.