Frustrated with online dating online dating sites for 2 hearts

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Frustrated with online dating

The emotional attachment we might feel after an immediate hookup is not the same as love that grows over time.

Not only is it okay to take the time to let your feelings develop before you get involved, it'll also allow for a much clearer understanding of how the other person feels about you.

Whether you’ve been dating for two months or together for two years, your relationship will suffer if you neglect it. Both relationships and playing music require you to use your ears. A lot of people use their past hurts as an excuse to shy away from relationships when they are, in fact, strengths.

Check in with yourself to be sure you’re fully listening, not dwelling on what you want from the relationship or mentally rehashing the events of your day. Without the lessons learned, we wouldn’t be able to be better partners than we were.

Presence is the key to connection, and that’s what enables a relationship to grow. — Dating doesn’t have to be painful and frustrating.

We just need to put in the effort and change our perspective a bit.

I couldn’t stand how much my fingers hurt, and everything just felt awkward. We seek intensity and we often get too involved with the other person without knowing anything about them.

I was resisting the reality that learning an instrument takes time, and I’d get upset and impatient whenever I made a mistake. Not only are our expectations unrealistic, we often forget to enjoy the process of letting new connections unfold.

Something within me needed to shift, and until I figured out what it was I would continue to repeat the same mistakes.When we move too quickly, we’re apt to overinvest ourselves before we get a chance to see that reality, and end up with hurt feelings.In much the same way it takes time to discover how we feel about playing a specific instrument, it takes to discover how we feel about someone new we’re dating.Right then and there, I realized that I was preventing myself from having fun. Let things progress naturally instead of forcing things and you’ll have a lot more fun.Oftentimes, the idea of the person is what hooks us, and the reality is what ultimately sends us running.

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I'm guilty of falling into this trap, although I never wanted to admit it. I directly contributed to everything I couldn't stand about dating in the 21st century and didn’t even realize it. I had no idea what I was doing, only because I never took the time to learn the art of dating and to master the art of love.

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