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Midwestern State Sat Apr 21 2007 rdnxunleashed at aim dot com parts substitution wards riverside i was wondering if there was any other type of front forks that would fit a wards riverside because i can not find a replacement and i was wondering if i could possibly make a substitution with some other brand of motorcycle (ex. Sheldon's EMU is a great site and thanks for taking the time to keep it up. This is a riverside scooter made by Montgomery Ward and is a 125cc. I want to start off by looking at the parts and getting an idea of how much it will cost to get this thing running myself and then I'm thinking about sending it off (what I have) and having it restored and just paying the $$$$!!!! Shannon Don't want to prick your balloon, Shannon, but I suspect you could buy two quite nice Lambrettas for the money it would cost you to have that one restored. i gave sold them all because i couldnt own bsa and wards so i opted to keep the bsa's. If you have scans of the manuals I'd be happy to post them on the site. TX The bike is a Wards Riverside Mojave of about 1968 vintage. Wards Riverside Mojave TX Sat Aug 19 2006 pat.carter at value 1962 wards riverside sport bike ffa-14003 b would like to know the value of this motorcycle it,s a 450-ss has only 350 miles on it murfreesboro,tn. Lightweight I just pick up this bike and I'm looking for places I can get parts.

yamaha honda etc.) New York [The bike is a smaller Benelli type. Jeffory Schiebel Sun Dec 24 2006 shannon.williams at level3 dot com Riverside scooter Where would I begin to start to fix one of these up that my dad currently has? I have some pix that arent that good as far as the quality goes but they are better than nothing is the way I look at it. Riverside Lambretta 125 Sat Nov 11 2006 nancyrockhold at yahoo dot com Wards Riverside 125cc lightweight Wards Riverside 125 Lightweight 1969 model # FFA-14016B Bike runs and is in good condition all original parts. i still have the owners and service manuals for them. Sources for evaluating motorcycles are on the valuations page. Mon Jul 03 2006 ziggermll at msn dot com EZ Rider Moped Motori Minarelli Motor 1979 EZ Rider This moped was sold by Montgomery Wards usa and I would like to find any information about it. I need a battery and kick starter pedal assembly, spring, and lever.

It is a running bike, just wondering if there are any other people out there that have one? And how much would it cost for those items missing?

Date: Sat, subject: Montgomery Wards Riverside 350 Email: fxwg85bhb at aol dot com message: i have one and was thinking of restoring or selling was looking for a cost of resto est. The bike is missing a gas tank fuel valve and the steering adjuster knob. I Would consider doing brakes and cables , carb rebuild and tune up as well if I could locate parts. Scott April 15, 2003 I happen to come across a1962 montgomery wards riverside I am looking to sell I was told it's a benelli imported by M. It still runs has a heel toe shifter on the right side and is 125cc hope you can help -- larryvonarb at mindspring dot com February 20, 2003 I have a 350 Riverside Benelli that that has been restored ...

I'm kind of a neophyte to motorcycles and have a couple of questions...clutch is very stiff..this typical for this type of motorcycle? I can't seem to find the correct gear easily...there are false neutrals ( someone said there would be in these older type bikes ). here in Chicago and feel like I've been on it all day......the clutch be adjusted to be easier and can the trans be worked on or changed to become sounds and looks so cool..has the racing body with the short bars, a beautiful green tank and body panels, and new Benelli decals.

I think he has had it running recently and would like to know the value of it. Date: Fri, subject: Vespa/Riverside Email: Brat4u09 at yahoo dot com message: Trying to locate motor parts for 1956 Montgomery Ward Riverside Scooter.Parts book I have shows what appears to be internal fork springs but this bike has external springs that are only 7" long. I have noticed that my bike has a different tank and seat configuration then most of the other 125s on the site. California Any help would be apprieciated Montgomery Ward Riverside I am trying to find some information on this bike for a friend of mine. It's in need of some repair, but we used to goof around on it as kids, and I'm interested in fixing it up again! California and I beleive this cycl to be a Bellini and am looking for any info on this bike. We are looking for complete bikes that are restorable. Motor id 4906713 Serial 88008734 Thanks Steve B Milwaukee... It is an AV88 just like that on in the pic, It says they were imported to the US in the fifties. thanks for all your help, Dale ohio Sources for evaluating motorcycles are on the valuations page. Tue Mar 21 2006 jjholt24 at how to wire genarator 1962-68 benelli montgomery ward 250 i'm tring to rewire genarator on my benelli.The name plate also has SN 76 like other I have seen so that is obviously not the serial. MN Mon Nov 03 2008 lbono50 at yahoo dot com need parts river side ward 1967 125cc ffa-61-14016D I have this bike i wound like to get it to run. the 1958 riverside was a model fzp-14007 which was a motobecane model av781959 riverside was a model fzp-14011 which was a motobecane model av88. mid=225 Sat Jun 09 2007 white69tyger at aol dot com Need to know Could anyone tell me the make and model of this bike NV The bike is a Montgomery Wards Riverside made by Benelli, probably around 1965. do you have a diagram or a picture or any information on how to rewire it ?I recently received my grandfather's late 1960s, 125 cc, Riverside (Benelli). I love the bike, but know little about them or any other. -- Craig -- cmaher at dot com August 30, 2002 Hi Craig, I ran across your ad on a Benelli board.There's a small but neat group about these bikes at: People there should be able to help you.

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Go there for more information or email me for more info on Mojaves or other Benelli -- stingray-x at mchsi dot com July 8, 2002 I am trying to find an outlet for parts for a 1969 Wards Riverside 125cc (Benelli Cobra).

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