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However, this week they sent me an email saying:"Stripe provides a service between banks and our users.

In order to provide service to our users, we are urged by our banking partners to keep an eye on all accounts that sign up for our services.

Charges on your account do seem to lack this consent, which unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to offer service"This makes no sense as I have had hundreds of payments and not a single payment has been disputed.If you really were getting 2% of your payments reversed despite a 100% refund guarantee, there's really something wrong with that business that needed fixing.Perhaps uninentional, but people were being misled in some way, or claiming that refund was too difficult, or contacting you and getting a prompt response too hard.They never define what "certain circumstances" are, rather, they just provide one example. I did notice something equally concerning on US one On the US terms, I see the following sentence:"We may terminate this Agreement and close your Stripe Account at any time for any reason effective upon providing you notice in accordance with Section A.15 above".EDIT: I would just like to say that I was mistaken. That said, the US terms differ in an important way. It goes on to copy what the UK agreement had, but that one didn't include this sentence. IANAL but afaik US contract law states that vagueness in contracts always benefits the party who did not write the contract.

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We were booted from stripe when a couple of customers just decided to chargeback all of their previous transactions, each of which was pretty small, without first contacting us, so it was too late to issue refunds.

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