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This was contained in a press statement issued on May 21 after the GCBC and CCG Annual Joint Meeting on May 16 at the Mary Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church at Airport West. The two Bodies meet once a year to pray for Christian unity and deliberate on issues that would enhance and foster inter-religious dialogue as well as address issues of national and international concern. In patrilineal societies, dowry received from marrying off daughters was also a traditional means for fathers to accumulate additional wealth.In traditional societies, marriage under customary law was often arranged or agreed upon by the fathers and other senior kinsmen of the prospective bride and bridegroom. We also held an Ecumenical Service to pray for Christian unity, the wellbeing of the Government and People of Ghana, and we reflected on the theme: “” (cf. In our Meeting, we discussed several issues of both Church and national interests.

Polygyny refers to marriages in which men are permitted to have more than one wife at the same time.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference, hereinafter referred to as the Bishops' Conference, is a religious organisation having its legal foundation in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, which applies to all Catholic Churches of the Roman Rite throughout the world. We deem it appropriate as Christian Leaders to speak to and bring the following issues to the attention of the Government and People of Ghana, especially to members of our Church communities.

The Bishops' Conference, according to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church (Canon 447-459), is the central Body of the Church in Ghana.

“Our cultural values uphold the family system as an integral part of the survival of communities and the nation at large.

Therefore, we shall not and cannot accept the orientation towards same sex unions and relationships as a fundamental human right, they said.

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