Family guy brian dating black girl

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Family guy brian dating black girl

In addition to the regular cast, actress Drew Barrymore, voice actor Barclay De Veau, voice actor Phil La Marr, voice actor Kerrigan Mahan, actress Natasha Melnick, comedian and actor Garrett Morris, actress Tamera Mowry and actress Lisa Wilhoit guest starred in the episode.Recurring guest voice actors Lori Alan, actress Alex Breckenridge, voice actor John G.Stewie arrives and sits next to Brian and asks if he can have some pie.He then asks for the "Cool Hwhip" (this is the first in a series of occasions where Stewie puts emphasis on the "h" sound in a word starting with "wh").Meanwhile, Meg threatens to commit suicide because she does not have a date for her Junior Prom.Even her backup boy turned her down by shooting his little brother and having to attend his funeral.After the dance, Meg begins to think Brian is her boyfriend, despite Brian saying he has no feelings for her and citing his already existing relationship with Jillian.Meg develops an obsession with Brian, even baking him a pie and using her hair as one of the ingredients.

Bring her by my house around tonight I'll take care of her." This implies that he will try to take advantage of Meg and when she arrives at Quagmire's house, it seems even more likely; he tells her to sit down and says "Soon it'll all become clear", puts on seductive music, dims the lights, strips down to a speedo and sits down beside her; but suddenly, Quagmire (uncharacteristically) begins to have a serious heart-to-heart talk with Meg, telling her that her entire life is still ahead of her and she should not be in such a hurry to grow up before assuring her that she will find the right person one day.

This gag occurred three more times in the seventh season episodes "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" and "Family Gay", the season eight episodes "Spies Reminiscent of Us", "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag", and the Cleveland Show pilot. A scene featuring Peter, Cleveland, Mort and Quagmire drinking coffee in the booth, waiting for one of them to act irrationally due to Joe adding a substance into their drink, was cut from the broadcast for timing purposes.

A deleted scene had been made for the episode, which showed one of the characters present in the booth after Joe added a substance into their drink, turning into a lizard-like creature from Jurassic Park, but the gag was never used.

American actor and comedian Garrett Morris guest-starred on the episode, portraying the headmaster of the "New York School for the Hard-of-Hearing", which was once a regular Weekend Update piece on the 1970s episodes of Saturday Night Live.

When Peter and everybody else discover Meg attempting to seduce Brian in the hotel, Peter uses the term "Chinaman"; this was changed for the television broadcast to "oriental guy", as "Chinaman" is deemed to be an offensive word.

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The plot sees Meg developing an obsession with Brian after he accompanies her as her date for the Junior Prom, eventually leading to her kidnapping Brian in order to engage in sex with him.

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