Failed when validating user through authentication service asian online dating scams

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Failed when validating user through authentication service

If authentication is successful, no further authenticators are tried.

If none of the authenticators can authenticate the supplied credentials, the overall authentication process fails.

You see a log message like the following one in the Managed server diagnostic logs: ] [ecid: de7dd0dc53f3d0ed:11d7f50d6771345:-8000-0000000000000003,0] [APP: Oracle RTD#11.1.1] The policy referenced by URI "oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy" could not be retrieved as connection to Policy Manager cannot be established at "t3://biserver:7001,biserver:9704" due to invalid configuration or inactive state.[[ You must ensure that the Oracle System User is a member of the Oracle System Group group in your identity store and that the group has the Web Logic Server global role Oracle System Role assigned to it.

uses the user role Application Programming Interface (API) from OPSS which only picks up the first identity store from the list of authenticators for example, when looking up users, profile information, roles.

This situation enables a user to log in to (because the identity store containing the user is not first in the list).

For example, if user A and B exist in the primary identity store (), but user B also exists in a database which is referenced by the initialization block described in this section.

When user A and user B try to log in using the wrong password they both fail authentication against OID.

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is configured to authenticate users against the Web Logic embedded LDAP server through the Default Authenticator.