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The end result is a somewhat more flexible offering than Amarr design philosophy generally dictates, but don't be fooled: this crusher still packs all the punch one would expect from a ship of the golden fleet.Special Ability: 10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret capacitor use per level and 7.5% bonus to Medium Energy Turret rate of fire per level.I started the day in Jita picking up new items for the local store and collecting Alliance/Corporation courier contracts back to our null sec base.

Going back at the time was 30-odd jumps but still, I had the space and I was asked nicely.

What it does bring to the table, however, is unparalleled agility and unpredictability.

A squadron of these ships can be an immense thorn in the side of even the most able and well-equipped fleet commander.

Created to fill a void within the ranks of the traditionally slow and lumbering Amarrian fleet, this vessel has fit in perfectly.

Special ability: 10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret Capacitor Usage and 10% bonus to Armor Hit points per level. Caldari ships have never been renowned for their speed.

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The Augoror Navy Issue is reintroduced as the Tier I Amarr faction cruiser and will be available on Amarr NPC corporation LP stores.

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