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Esx 4 1 ntp not updating

See this Tech Net article for tips on how to configure an Active Directory forest for reliable time synchronization. Next I would choose the NTP synchronization option, followed by VMware tools sync, and never the no time synchronization. You’ll see the first menu option for ‘Delete all existing DNS Servers values’ is not working. #Connect-VIServer -Server .10 -User root -Password vmware $esx Hosts = get-VMHost Function Clear-DNS Function Clear-NTP Function Clear-NTPDNS Function Manual-Time Function Set-DNS Function Set-NTP Function Set-NTPDNS # Menu to select functions function Load Menu System() Load Menu System If ($x Exit Session) Else Husband & Father. Power CLI can’t write null values with the Set-VMHost Network -DNSAddress command, and the Update Dns Config method in VMware. Host Dns Config was not behaving for me (probably because my Power CLIfu is weak). Volunteer Firefighter / Emergency Medical Responder. This Tech Target tip ( does a good job explaining the basics of ESXi time synchronization, including how to manually set time and NTP on ESXi hosts.

v Center Virtual Appliance NTP Settings " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5835" alt="v Center Virtual Appliance NTP Settings" src=" width="640" height="458" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" / I prefer Active Directory if one is available and correctly configured to pull time from a trusted higher stratum server.

Since joining VMware, I’ve built, rebuilt and updated several lab environments (home lab and work labs).

One of the problems I keep running into is incorrect/missing/disabled NTP on my ESXi hosts.

This option is valid only with the server and peer commands."If two NTP servers are required for redundancy, one server can be specified as the "primary" NTP server by using the true option.

This will force that server to always be selected and for NTP client to follow it blindly.

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Because lab gear is often well-loved, BIOS time is not always correct (long periods of being powered off), settings are all sorts of jacked up (it’s a lab, we’re engineers, let’s break stuff!!! The problem is not just in a lab environment – the number of customer environments I’ve seen that aren’t set to use NTP is much higher than I would have thought (I wrote about a case here where incorrect time on hosts caused some of the problems with a VMware Horizon View environment).

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