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This is more secure but the tools available on Windows for checking GPG keys are lacking.

Ubuntu uses a GPG key as a means for verifying their ISO images and you can find a link showing how to do that here.

Keep in mind, though, that passing these tests is no guarantee that a card isn't stolen or canceled or that it belongs to a different person. The first determines card type, and the second determines whether the card checksum is correct.

Furthermore, you can even determine a credit card type from a valid number.

When binary checksums are used, 32-bit redundancy check (CRC) occurs on a column-by-column basis rather than a CRC on the physical row on the data page.

This allows the columns with the table to be in any order physically on the data page, but still compute to the same CRC for the row.

Binary checksum validation can be used when there are row or column filters on the publication.

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One value is calculated for the entire publication table and one value is calculated for the entire subscription table, but data in text, ntext, or image columns is not included in the calculations.