Eric lively dating

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Eric lively dating

Radford joked at the time that the pair is expected to retire following the 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympics, adding that his body “only needs to last [him] eight more months.” The pair also made some changes to their coaching staff leading up to the Olympics.

They climbed from seventh, to fifth, to a bronze medal at the 2011, 20 World Championships, respectively.

Figure skating beginnings Duhamel was born December 8, 1985 in Lively, Ontario, Canada.

She enjoyed watching the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and pretended to be a gymnast in her gym classes at school. She began skating at age 3 – she was the 2003 Canadian junior national champion – and moved to pairs skating in her early 20s.

In the pre-Olympic season, Duhamel and Radford started off strong.

They won their two Grand Prix assignments – again in Canada and Japan – and qualified for the Final, where they claimed a bronze medal.

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