Eastwood interview dating

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Eastwood interview dating

“They didn’t offer me the film and didn’t have a script. I’m director-driven and I only wanna be in good movies. ’ He’s the best director in the business.” Then he pauses, perhaps mindful of the auditions he undertakes for his father.

He is the founder of Waves for Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean drinking water to the world. pic.twitter.com/t Yyl ISz RIE Everybody else has been having so much fun making podcasts I thought I would join in on the fun and make my very own. pic.twitter.com/81anq Qlr SO I’m gonna be on @Kevin Hart4Real’s #What The Fit today and you won’t wanna miss it.

Previous movies based on books penned by the “king of hearts”, as Sparks is nicknamed, have helped Ryan Gosling, Liam Hemsworth and Amanda Seyfried break through to stardom, so the role of bull-rider Luke Collins might well serve as a springboard to future success for Eastwood. Eastwood tells me that, just before landing , he unsuccessfully went up for the part of the brother of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle in Iraq-war blockbuster American Sniper, directed by his father.

“I auditioned for American Sniper and didn’t get a role,” he recalls.

He doesn’t hide his debt to director-actor Clint, the “man with no name” whose career now has no parallel. ’” The public perception of Clint Eastwood is off-base according to Scott: “If people knew the truth about my dad, they would be like, ‘Wait? ’ The truth is he’s very old school, there are no hand-outs. It’s so funny because my dad was like: ‘Go get a job. You want to be an actor, go for it but you better get a day job because that doesn’t pay the bills.’” Scott found some early supporting roles but the reality of the actor’s life almost led him to quit. “I’ve always wanted to do something that is active and engaging and helps people. Up till a few years ago, acting didn’t pay well for me.

He landed early supporting roles in his father’s ” Scott recalls. Until recently I was still bartending in LA and San Diego and working as an actor.

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For now though, you can check out some insights we got from set! I think I had a blind date once and that was horrible, it was the worst experience, I’ll never do it again.