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It also has to be assumed that the rate of decay of the parent isotopes in the past has occurred constantly at the same rates measured today.

There is absolutely no way any scientist can know whether these two assumptions are correct, because the evidence only exists today in the present, and we can’t go back to test the past millions of years and check that the rates of radioactive decay were the same then as they are now. This notion is based on a complete misunderstanding of the nature of evidence.

The term “creation scientist” is hardly an oxymoron, because the scientific method can only be consistently used by those who accept that the Creator God of the Bible does not change.He created laws that operate regularly through time and space, so we can depend on the sun rising tomorrow just as it rose this morning.Christians were at the forefront of developing what we call science today.In this case, radiocarbon has been used, and sure enough, radiocarbon dating reveals that fossilized dinosaur bones are only thousands of years old!If, as you claim, dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, then because radiocarbon decays so rapidly there should be no radiocarbon left in dinosaur bones.

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And what we read in the Bible is confirmed by the observations we make in the world around us.

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