Dinner for eight dating

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Initially our dinners will be held in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast (depending on demand).

We will also add new locations as the demand grows.

We know from experience that it is more relaxing and enjoyable meeting new people when you have a friend to arrive and leave the event with. The only preference we have is that when you register and reserve your table with a friend that the group will ideally be 50/50 male to female, except for those dinners which cater to all male or all female groups.

Made from many layers of rolled and folded dough, puff pastry is buttery and flaky and can rise and puff to eight times its original thickness.

Meers population has dwindled from the gold rush peak of 500 down to the present residents: one family of six people, eight cats and a dog.

The Meers Store and Restaurant has became famous for our Meersburger, a 7" diameter burger made exclusively from prize winning Texas Longhorn beef raised on the family's own ranch.

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