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Dhcp not updating in dns

The basic crux of the issue is that MS DNS uses Kerberos for authentication to update DNS records, while ISC DHCP, out of the box, supports TSIG [for BIND].

The scripts above are rather lengthy, so I won't post them here, but the basic steps are: Generate a keytab using .

It is quite often coupled with dhcp to provide dynamic network services that have hostnames follow the appropriate machines around. To do it securely, you need to first create a secret key. For every zone you want to allow dynamic updates (for this specific key), you need to add an That’s all we have to do.

This secret key will be used to authenticate our dns update clients with the dns server. Create the key as such: No, that is not the key I use. Restart named and you should be able to push updates dynamically to the dns server.

The IPv4-only script and setup information is available from ISC DHCPd: Dynamic DNS updates against secure Microsoft DNS There is an alternative script that supports IPv4 and IPv6, but using the same premise as the above script is available at

Configure the above script for your domain/DNS servers.

Add the parameters necessary to execute the script on the 'on commit', 'on release', 'on expiry' triggers in your Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[0] = /etc/dhcp/ddnsupdate6Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[1] = add Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[2] = .56 Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[3] = -h Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[4] = Host Name Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[5] = -m Mar 23 localhost dhcpd: execute_statement argv[6] = This likely means the user specified in the keytab does not have rights to the DNS record, which can happen if that user did not create the record originally (e.g.

you didn't use a proxy user to update DNS on behalf of DHCP).

This should go away over time as DNS records expire, domain-joined Windows clients are automatically updating their own records.

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You can search around and find tons of other writeups about deploying DNS and DHCP and getting them to update each other.

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