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I've tried numerous settings and configuration changes, but nothing seems to work.When I have my DHCP server providing IPv6 addresses, it seems that the DHCP server never even attempts to communicate with the DNS server to update the AAAA and PTR records.Perhaps I'm missing something about the functionality between DHCPv6 and DNS.Is it possible to update DNS AAAA and PTR records from a DHCP server providing IPv6 addresses?Imagine having to manually type 10,000 IP addresses and not make a single error.

When DDNS is active, the DHCP server updates the DDNS server for the zone, adding or deleting the corresponding Address and Pointer records.

The DHCP server also contacts the DNS server and submits a request for a DNS update.

For DDNS updates, the DNS server requires the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and the IP address of the client.

Only subnet address ranges whose assignment type is either Dynamic DHCP or Dynamic BOOTP and DHCP can use the Dynamic DNS update feature.

For a DDNS update to occur, the Always Update parameter of the range must be enabled and a DNS zone must be specified to link the Zone object to the subnet.

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The Dynamic DNS (DDNS) feature of Novell DNS/DHCP Services provides a way to update DNS with accurate Address (A) records and Pointer (PTR) records for address assignments made by a DHCP server.