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In addition to its core strategy as a discovery-driven exploration company, Skyharbour employs the prospect generator model to monetize and fund exploration at its other projects in the Basin.

In March 2017, Skyharbour announced an option agreement with Orano (formerly AREVA) Resources Canada whereby Orano (formerly AREVA) can earn up to 70% of a 49,635 hectare portion of Skyharbour’s 74,965 hectare Preston Uranium Project for million in project consideration.

Drill results included 20.8% U3O8 over 1.5m at 264m in hole ML-199, 9.12% U3O8 over 1.4m at 278m in hole ML-202 and 5.29% over 2.5m U3O8 at 279m in hole ML-200.

Hole ML-202 represents a new high-grade discovery and illustrates the strong discovery potential of additional high grade lenses along strike.

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The Company is planning additional drill programs at the project for 20.

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