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Datingiqtest com

One is the fact that people with higher IQs tend to make more money than people with lower scores.

Money is helpful in maintaining weight, nutrition, and accessing good health care.

And check out our 30 Red Flags of Manipulative People for more warning signs about psychopaths.

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Psychologists call this overlap of scores the "G," or general intelligence, factor.

Your score is calculated according to your age group.You can also see it in another way: there is one image of each type in each column. You can choose the figure you think is the correct one by clicking on it, or press A or 1 for the first figure on the first row, B or 2 for the second figure on the first row, and so on. But there is one number that probably says a lot about you, whether you know it or not: your IQ, or intelligence quotient.Most people you meet are probably average, and a few are extraordinarily smart. What's fascinating is that people who score well on one of the tests tend to score well on them all.So your score on a task on how fast you can turn off a blinking light (one component of some intelligence tests) is correlated with your scores on verbal and spatial reasoning.

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This is an uncomfortable one: According to the research, people with high IQs tend to be healthier and live longer than the rest of us.

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