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Their size suggested 30-millimeter ordnance, he said, which is standard equipment on the Su-25, a ground-attack fighter, and the Su-27 -- both combat aircraft operated by Ukraine." In a dispatch from the scene, Nemtsova also reported seeing 21 craters.The Ukrainian military -- which has been in a pitched battle for two days against separatists who launched an attack on a border outpost in the region -- has used fighter jets to support its mission in Luhansk.Convenience: Judgements on ease of cleaning and replacing blade; clarity of controls and jar markings; pouring ease; and jar balance, etc. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product!Please focus on the product performance and quality.

If it accepts this, is it also prepared to talk honestly about the consequences of war?

A dazed woman with her legs blown off and seemingly near death stared blankly into a camera amid rubble and lifeless bodies.

Just as soon, rumors began to spread about what had taken place.

Andriy Senchenko, deputy chief of staff for acting President Oleksandr Turchynov, declared that a heat-seeking missile fired by pro-Russian separatists had mistakenly targeted an air-conditioning unit on the fourth floor of the administration building.

Video from the scene showed a blown-out fourth-floor window with billowing smoke: Despite the Ukrainian denials, the evidence from observers and journalists on the ground overwhelmingly points to a strike from a Ukrainian aircraft.

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On June 2 an explosion ripped through the Luhansk state administration building.

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