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Datingassessor rurouni kenshin

Though some may call her naïve for sticking to such a credo while surrounded by more selfish people in such trying times, her sense of duty and honor will not let her give up under any circumstances.Despite her compulsion toward swords and her rough-handed nature, Kaoru also has a strong feminine side.

Kaoru is unapologetic about her masculine athleticism, but worries about her looks, thinking herself too plain to be attractive.She has large blue eyes and her sleek, black hair (usually accented with a bluish or purple shine) ponytail so as to accommodate her kenjutsu practice.Additionally, Kaoru sports a thick fringe of slightly curled bangs which hang past her eyebrows and are parted neatly in the middle as well as a few strands of shoulder-length hair in front of her ears.Kaoru also has a fiery, violent temper which she displays without restraint when she feels that she has been slighted or insulted, often flying into a wild frenzy if her first blow does not settle the matter.Unfortunately, she is also quite childish and largely incapable of coming up with witty verbal retorts if struck with an insult that hits too close to her true shortcomings, further prompting her to violence, resulting in humiliating herself and making herself look like a fool.

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