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He explains he may have drunken too much whisky last night, reminiscing about his father. Amelia informs Hillary that an artery under her skull is bleeding, so they surgically need to repair it. Amelia is concerned about the fainting, which Todd told them has happened more than once, but Hillary doesn't seem to want her to run tests to find out what causes them. She faked it because she didn't know how to say no to his proposal without breaking his tender little heart. Meredith tells Curt that his spleen is swollen, so they have to take it out. Outside the room, Ben tells Bailey that Curtis would never lie to him, so drugs are off the table. Bailey appears to be suspecting something else and as Ben walks off, she approaches Meredith. Curtis has no body hair and he waxes his eye brows.Ben thinks his brother's on drugs, because he doesn't know what else could cause this kind of organ damage. Looking at his results and organ damages, she thinks she knows what he's doing.He hates the circumstances, but he likes how it gave them a chance to reconnect. Richard reminds her they asked her to keep her distance. He tells her he has a surgery, and she proposes she scrub in so they have a little more time together. Alex and Maggie enter the attending's lounge and Alex asks Maggie about Meredith's weekend.He knows it's hard for her to do that, but they know she's around for when they need her. She replies Meredith didn't actually tell her anything, and they conclude she didn't tell any of them. Curtis is scattering his father's ashes and Bailey asks if he shouldn't say anything.Meredith rushes to the first ambulance and is surprised to find Bailey presenting the patient instead of a paramedic.She, Meredith, and Ben take Curtis inside as Callie and Jo take on the case of Hillary. Hillary's boyfriend is with her, saying it was his fault. Callie doesn't quite understand why that would cause her to fall down the stairs, and just takes Hillary inside. He claims he was just woozy because he missed breakfast. Owen then notices the couch has disappeared from the room. Meredith again dodges all the questions and gets off the elevator. He complains about Herman overloading the OR schedule with procedures, while Callie is concerned about not being great with one night stands anymore. He says he's just honest about his past in the army and his work as a trauma surgeon, and Callie understands why that works.

Maggie knows that Meredith didn't pack the suitcase full of lingerie to go see Derek, because he called her three times, asking where Meredith was.Meredith finds some tenderness in his abdomen and Bailey orders tests. He then sees she's sitting on the attending's lounge couch.Meredith gives Curt a gown to wear, but he doesn't want to put it on. She claims she needs this couch, as it's the best in the building. He doesn't know what to say, but she says she was joking. It helps to be a little sneaky, a little protective. 'Cause once the truth is out, we have to face it ourselves. Bailey is in the woods with Ben and his brother Curtis.Arizona joins Amelia and Stephanie in the CT booth.

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Jo apologizes but their shower is still broken, and she's having a discussion with Alex on how to preserve bread.