Dating your sister

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You read for a few hours and decided it was safe to go back home. He ran a hand through his styled hair and grunted, "Everybody always wants something from me. You flung the door open and you were greeted by Louis, your sister's best friend.

As you were walking up your driveway you watched Zayn open the door and slam it angrily behind him. You felt the familiar butterflies in your stomach that always appeared when Louis was around.

Your eyes widened at how this scene might look to anyone who walked in, and you really didn't want your sister seeing this. You saw your sister standing there with a curious expression and you panicked.

He leaned down and you felt your breath catch in your throat. "I-i'm sorry," you mumbled before quickly exiting the kitchen.

You felt bad because your sister was trying to catch his attention and he never even noticed. Your eyes widened when you saw your sister's facial expression drop. Liam : You couldn't think of a better day than today. Liam looked over at you and then smiled, making your heart do many little leaps.

Niall sat there quietly with his hands clenched into fists on the table. You felt your heart do a little pang when you thought he was probably just upset because your sister had taken an interest in someone else. You heard a chair screech and Niall stormed out of the shop. You were automatically snapped out of your little daydream when you felt an unwanted presence near you. Jack was the jock that you pissed off this morning.

"She's my best friend's sister," he said and you felt your heart drop to your stomach.

"I'd much rather you buy me a new pair," his bad breath fanned your face and you winced slightly. "She spilled lemonade on my pants and she won't par for new ones," Jack whined.

You are now 17, so you have loved him for about 8 years.

Harry would probably never go for you seeing as you are the more awkward sibling. Whenever he came over you did your best to avoid him whenever he came over because you were afraid to embarrass yourself in front of him.

"Aw, I love you too sis," you placed a hand on your chest, where your heart is and pretended to cry tears of joy.

She glared at you and you decided it was best that you listen to her for once and leave the house. He snorted, "You're just as fake as your sister is," he shoved past you, got in his car and sped away.

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You wanted him to know that you needed him more than anything.