Dating someone genderqueer

Posted by / 19-Feb-2020 16:48

Dating someone genderqueer

She's very androgenous looking, though not outwardly non-binary My SO, on the left. It has been pointed out to me that I tend to think butch people are cute- which tends to freak out the guys I'm friends with or my lipstick lesbian friends (who like femme lesbians).

My SO is male, and refer to themselves as a man, but will answer with their name when asked "are you a boy or a girl? I just call myself pan, and I'm out to a lot of people.We have the same bodies, same hormones, same thoughts, same reactions, etc. But as a feminine ciswoman, I’m looking for a more masculine partner to have a companionship with. And I want someone who wants to be the “guy.” I guess I like the idea of male/female roles, but I don’t like being stuck in those roles.With men, I felt like I always HAD to play the female role. My partner is always there to be the man when I need a man, and they’re always there to be a girl when I want a girl.I'm a mixed-race genderqueer person who likes other often-mixed-race genderqueer people, possibly just because of their ability to relate to me (edit: i wonder if there is an element of narcissism/sameness in most people's attractions?? They can come in all body-types and appearances but the ones I seem to find pretty are skinny/lanky/tall (although not always), and lacking in secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, facial hair, etc.).Some people I find attractive: Does the Kinsey scale have any relevance to someone who is genderqueer?

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I have a really supportive family and group of friends so everyone has reacted well.