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Both the stone and bone tools resemble tools from mainland Pleistocene sites, yet are also forerunners of later Tasmanian forms.One bone point, 9 centimetres long and made on a macropod shin bone, was associated with charcoal dated to 18 550 BP: the others were similar, but belonged to levels of between 40 years ago.Excavation revealed that Pleistocene occupation of Cave Bay Cave began by 22 750 BP (figure 9.2).

Bone points were in layers older than 4000 years, and so were stone tools (such as quartz and quartzite flakes) and pebble tools.MFS Australia is a unique mature dating site, because it is founded and run by a husband-and-wife team who met online and were passionate about improving people’s online dating experience.The site was founded on core values that we think everybody wants to live by: honesty, openness, great value for money and loads of fun along the way!From about 1800 until 7000 years ago, when the sea reached its present level, the cave was effectively deserted.One small isolated hearth, dated to about 15,000 years ago, indicates that humans were still present then, but otherwise the main occupants of the cave were owls and carnivorous predators.

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Due to his work and the work of others, a great deal more is now known about Tasmanian prehistory, although many questions still remain to be answered.

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