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Wood motifs in American domestic architechture/phantasy in wood.

Revised in 1981 and published as Ornamental carpentry on nineteenth century American houses by Dover Publications, Inc., NY, NY.

Railroads Raw Material Preparation Rope Making and Sail Making Sawyers (Saws) Scientific Instruments Screwdrivers Sheet Metal Working Ships, Shipbuilding, and Shipwrights Silversmiths and Jewelers Steam Engines Rathbone, Pembroke Thom. The history of old time farm implement companies and the wrenches they issued including buggy, silo, cream separator, windmill, and gas engine companies.

From the earliest times to the end of the mediaeval period. Printed under the authority of the Board of Education, London. Photolitho impression with supplementary bibliography compiled by Marian Campbell in 1978. People who make things: How American craftsmen live and work. Early American crafts & hobbies: A treasury of skills, avocations, handicrafts, and forgotten pastimes and pursuits from the golden age of the American home. For black Americans, having the ability to code-switch could help you get that promotion, make your case to a judge, or leave a police encounter unscathed.But changing how you speak isn't always enough to get around racism.

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Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center, Missoula, MT.

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