Dating scan nuchal fold

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Dating scan nuchal fold

They enter these figures into a record containing the general risk for mothers of this age, and both the age and measurements are then mixed to calculate an individual risk factor.Depending on the NT measurement, your risk can be greater or less than the general risk for women your age.Amniocentesis can be performed in the 16th week, giving you time to reflect and decide whether to have the test.Approximately 7% of women receive an NT scan on the NHS; others may need to go private.The results are available immediately and are in the form of a probability, such as ‘the chance of 1 in 200.’ Yes.

Our sonographers are all accredited by the fetal Medicine Foundation also.Our cut-off point for nuchal translucency measurements are: 3mm, and that of the risk score is: 1 in 300.Nuchal translucency on its own picks up approximately 74% of cases of Down's syndrome.However, you must remember that these are still good chances, and even a baby with a threat of one in ten would still be free of the condition nine times out of ten.Anxiety and upset are nevertheless natural for parents with a high risk baby, and diagnostic tests can tell you for certain either way.

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Anxiety is natural when getting the result, so extra support is always welcome.

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