Dating in the sca

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Dating in the sca

At Pennsic, our household camps with Clan Yama Kaminari led by Sir Ogami Akira, and we are involved with them throughout the year.

While I'd had many friends in the SCA before that, I had always failed to make time to find out more.The Barony covers the Greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area, and the Kingdom covers Western New York, Northern and Western Pennsylvania, and all of West Virginia.Socially, we are members of the One Knight Inne household led by our friend Sir Maghnus Cnoic n'An Iora. Next time you’re planning to spend some quality moments with a loved one, whether it’s a longtime sweetheart, an old friend, or somebody you’re just getting to know, take it outside and make it a hike.To encourage you along this route, we’ve put together a list of 10 date-worthy hikes in some of our favorite cities. Here are our criteria: Know a perfect hike that didn’t make our list?

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Click here for directions Rock Creek Park in full fall mode from the Western Ridge Trail.

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