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Dating in the future

The same way that racism can cultivate self-hate in Black people, sexism can generate the same in women, which means that I must stay woke and self-critical.In my own life, I've allowed men to say inappropriate things to me.It wasn't until they refused to ride the buses that the oppressive system began to fall apart.

There are artists, genres of music, art, television shows, films, and videos whose entire business model is based upon rape culture and misogyny. The fact is that we buy into rape culture and sexism more times than we are aware.Will the new ways men employ to gain a woman's attention be acceptable?If men decide to be more tentative in their dating rituals, how will we respond?So, while men may have constructed and perpetuated sexist systems, it has been both men and women who have sustained a culture of sexism, otherwise, it would cease to exist.It has been argued that everyone from groupies, to female porn stars, to complicit female administrators, who turn blind eyes to abuses against other women, play a role in sustaining violence against women.

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In this, our fourth report, we have taken a different approach.

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