Dating in maidstone

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Dating in maidstone

His ‘principle’ of Stedman Doubles (rung on five bells but which can have a sixth bell ringing last in each sequence of changes) has now increased to an ever growing number of methods on ever increasing numbers of bells e.g. The original oldest bell was cast in 1783 but all the bells were re-cast in1957 by John Taylor & Co. The bells, the frame they swing in and all the associated ropes, pulleys and wheels require constant ongoing maintenance to be kept in good condition and at All saints as in most towers this maintenance is seen as the responsibility of the ringers themselves.

Recent work has included re-furbishing of all ten clappers, fine tuning adjustments to improve the striking of the bells, a new headstock and six new ropes.

In the tower, which is 78 feet high, there was a ring of bells early in the fifteenth century.

We find Archbishop Arundel blessing bells here; and in 1494, when John Lee, a master of the College, died, the "fourth bell" was rung for a quarter of an hour.

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Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.You’ve already heard about the ropes but a ringing room usually contains a variable amount of memorabilia and history as well.All Saints has a ringing history dating back over three centuries some of which is represented by the Peal boards, record books, photographs and trophies.The staff can also help you with any site issues or questions, but please check the help page first before contacting us.There are also voluntary events co-ordinators for most areas of the United Kingdom who are there to help you if you wish to set up a motorcycling event, biker meet up at a motorcycle show, weekend ride out, etc.

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